The Old Fashioned Live

3 Δεκέμβριος 2019 @ 21:00 – 23:30 Europe/Athens Ζώνη ώρας
Cabaret Voltaire
Μαραθώνος 30
8€ (με μπύρα ή κρασί)

‘The Old Fashioned’ are an eclectic, roots driven band, drawing together elements of blues, folk, country and alternative rock music. Lost in time and space, they found themselves drawn together, as all things fall into place.

Alex Hamel: Vocals/Guitar
Vasiliki Isari : Vocals/Cello
Vangelis Crash : Drums/Awesomeness

Vasiliki Isari fell in love with the cello just about a decade ago, immersing herself into the world of classical music, and yet consistently expanding her soul across genres of music. She currently teaches cello and plays at events and weddings with her violin/cello duet.

Vangelis Fantaratos was born drumming, or so it seems. Growing constantly and expanding his mind across musical styles, Vangelis is the drummer that every singer/guitarist out there wants in his/her band. He is currently involved in four bands and teaches drums.

Alex Hamel is a singer/songwriter who continuously dives deeper into the roots of any music he finds himself immersed in. Loving simplicity, he finds that no matter the genre, a good song will always draw in the listener. He currently writes songs for his own projects, as well as others’.